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Refused Cross-Examination Results in PTAB Striking Non-Party Witness Declaration

In HTC Corp. v. NFC Tech., LLC, the PTAB granted the Petitioner’s motion to strike and expunge the declaration of the Patent Owner’s non-party witness, who refused to submit to cross-examination. IPR2014-01198, Paper 41 (Nov. 6, 2015). The Patent Owner submitted a declaration of a non-party witness residing in France to support its alleged earlier … Continue reading

PTAB emphasizes importance of claim language in determination of CBM-eligibility

In, Inc. v. Applications in Internet Time LLC, the PTAB considered the effect of a statutory disclaimer, statements in the specification, and the patent’s assigned classification on whether the challenged patent was eligible for a Covered Business Method review. The Board ultimately declined to institute, finding that the patent was ineligible for CBM review … Continue reading

PTAB denies request for rehearing based on failure to construe claim limitation

In Jiawei Technology (HK) Ltd. v. Simon N. Richmond, the PTAB denied Petitioner’s Request for Rehearing of a decision not to institute an IPR. IPR2014-00937, Paper 24 (Feb. 6, 2015). Maintaining its decision that the Petitioner failed to properly address a claim limitation that was “critical” to understanding claim scope, the Board held no abuse … Continue reading